Advanced Laser Making Technology

Lasers, optical materials and components: new type laser, fiber laser, ultrafast laser, uv/green laser, solid laser, semiconductor laser, co2 laser, excimer laser, quantum cascade laser, discs laser, laser lights detecting instrument, test and measurement system, laser system components, laser head, integrated optics and application equipment, laser crystals, laser chip, laser power supply, scanners, q switch, optical platform, optical design software, optical devices etc.

Other laser applications: medical, entertainment industry, military-civilian integration.


Laser Processing

Laser marking, Laser cutting, Laser welding, Laser engraving, Laser cladding, Laser demonstration system, Laser heat treatment system, Laser texturing system and other laser processing equipment.

Intelligent Manufacturing

Intelligent equipment, Industrial robots, Machine vision, Intelligent control system, Industrial Internet of things, Components, Others (training and consulting).