5月22日“ALAT2017年国际前瞻激光技术大会”将在深圳大学举办。本次大会由中国光学光电子行业协会激光分会、西南技术物理研究所、广东省激光产业技术创新联盟、深圳大学等单位联合举办,也是ALAT 2017第十一届亚洲(深圳)国际激光应用技术论坛的第一子论坛。





会议日程:(以下是第一会场 /Section A,第二会场/Section B信息将于5月12日发布 )


Wolfgang Schulz
Fraunhofer Institute Lasertechnology ILT

Wolfgang Schulz 
Model reduction, meta-Modelling and Simulation Tools towards virtual production intelligence

摘要 Abstract
In production industries, parameter identification, sensitivity analysis and multi-dimensional visualization are vital steps in the planning process for achieving relevant information for optimal design. Analysis and visualization of a multi-dimensional parameter space are foreseen as components of Virtual Production Intelligence making applicable the methods of Scientific Design Thinking and getting the developer as well as the operator more skilled. Typically, this requires to estimate unknown material properties and a large number of simulation runs, which can be both very expensive and time consuming.

魏志义Zhiyi Wei
Institute of Physics, CAS 

Zhiyi Wei_副本
Recent progresses of advanced solid-state ultrafast laser and application

摘要 Abstract
In this talk, I will report the new progresses on solid-state lasers and fiber laser with high power and short pulse. Stable Kerr-Lens Mode locking (KLM) operation were demonstrated in some new ytterbium lasers such as Yb:YGG, Yb:GSO, Yb:CYA, Yb:YCOB etc, In particular, 33fs laser pulse was generated from the diode pumped KLM Yb:YCOB laser. Average power up to 15W femtosecond laser was obtained from the KLM Yb:YAG disk laser. By pump the multi-pass Nd:YAG amplifiers following the regenerative amplifier with 750W diode lasers, pulse energy of 64.8 mJ with 10ps pulse duration was obtained at the repetition rate of 1 kHz. In the researches on mode-locking fiber laser, we generated 10.5 microjour laser pulse with 424 fs duration based on CPA technique under repetition rate of 100 kHz to 1 MHz.

松浦 祐司Yuji Matsuura
Tohoku University

Yuji Matsuura_副本
Non-invasive measurement of blood glucose by using mid-infrared light

摘要 Abstract
Mid-infrared spectroscopy systems comprising hollow optical fibers and a multi-reflection prism are developed for blood-glucose measurement. Absorption spectra of lip mucosa revealed clear signatures of glucose and measurement errors less than 20% was obtained.  In this talk, some preliminary results of blood glucose measurement using quantum cascade lasers (QCL) is also reported.

陈卫标 Weibiao Chen 
Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, CAS

Weibiao Chen_副本 
Research on pumping source for mid infrared laser

摘要 Abstract
The emission wavelengths of 1.6μm and 2μm lie in the eye-safe bandwidth region. They have great potential applications in a wide range of fields such as medical diagnoses and therapy, photoelectric countermeasure, laser range finder, laser remote sensing and active imaging. Furthermore, they are effective pump sources of optical parametrical oscillators and optical parametrical amplifications to generate radiation further in the mid-infrared region. Here, researches on 1.6μm and 2μm laser developing in our group are summarized.

张宽收Kuanshou Zhang
Shanxi University

Kuanshou Zhang_副本
Generation of single-frequency lasers and nonclassical states at 1.5 µm

摘要 Abstract
Stable, low noise, continuous wave (cw) laser sources with high output at 1.5 µm are very attractive for building the practical squeezed source and the continuous-variable entanglement at the communication wavelength. As a consequence, this kind of light source is strongly needed for developing the practical quantum communication, high precision measurement, and metrology.

黄衍介Yen-Chieh Huang
National Tsing Hua University

Yen-Chieh Huang_副本 
Parametric Laser Pulse Shortening

摘要 Abstract
A Q-switched laser can generate a laser pulse in the ns regime, whereas a mode-locking laser often generates a laser pulse in the ps and fs regime. The latter is relatively costly. The energy in a Q-switched laser can be transferred to that of a mode-locked laser pulse through some delicate amplification process. For example, GW fs laser is often realized by using a Q-switched laser as a pump to a regenerative or multi-pass amplifier seeded by a mode-locked laser oscillator. It is economically desirable to convert a cheap ns pulse from a Q-switched laser to an expensive fs pulse for laser applications. Here we present an effective scheme to greatly shorten a Q-switched laser pulse from the spectral-temporal correlation in optical parametric generation.

Biao Wang
Sun Yat-sen University

 Biao Wang_副本
Energy-efficient Automatic Crystal Growth Equipment and Microchip Lasers

摘要 Abstract
To date, we have developed a series of microchip lasers with high performance. Those microchip laser scan produce 1 μm output pulses with their repetition rates variable from 1 Hz to 10 kHz, pulse energy ranged from several μJ to 1mJ, pulse duration down to 300 ps, and hence peak power up to 1MW.More than 10W average output power can be achieved with further amplifications. We will give a brief review about this work in the presentation.


Gao Yinghao, Zhao Hao, Feng Jinxia, Zhang Kuanshou

Shanxi University

Generation of stable vacuum squeezed state at 1.06 µm

摘要 Abstract
Vacuum squeezed state at 1.06 µm was generated using an optical parametric oscillation (OPO) based on a type-I quasi-phase-matched PPKTP crystal pumped by a home-made low noise continuous-wave single-frequency dual-wavelength 532 nm and 1064 nm laser. In order to achieve the long-term stability of the generated squeezed state and improve the squeezing degree, several techniques were developed.

Xiaoming Chen, Hao Hu, Juntao Wang, Xiaoxiao Xu, Yanhua Lu, Qingsong Gao

Institute of Applied Electronics, Academy of Engineering Physics

中国工程物理研究院 高能激光科学与技术重点实验室
Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on High Energy Laser, China Academy of Engineering Physics
Quasi-continuous-wave superfluorescent source in a multiple-pass Nd:YAG zigzag slab amplifier configuration

Superfluorescence (SF) has continuous spectra, no relaxation oscillation, no mode jitter and high temporal stability, thus playing a significant role in many applications, such as optical coherence tomography, spectroscopy and materials processing. Therein, the continuous-wave, high-gain fiber SF sources were studied at most.  

Guofei An, You Wang, He Cai, et al.

Southwest Institute of Technical Physics

Amplified spontaneous emission of an end-pumped cesium vapor laser with consideration of deleterious processes

摘要 Abstract
Diode pumped alkali lasers (DPALs) provide a significant potential for construction of high-powered lasers. A series of models have been established to analyze the DPAL’s kinetic process and most of them are based on the algorithms in which the amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) effect has not been considered. However, ASE is harmful in realization of a high-powered DPAL since the gain is very high.

Shen Zhenmin, Liu Zhengjun, Shang Weidong, Tao Yuliang, Wang Hongjie

Beijing Institute of Space Mechanics & Electricity, CAST
Harbin Institute of Technology

Laser-based optical trap for cleaning the space debris

摘要 Abstract
The principle of the negative force of all kinds of traction beams are first introduced, including the spiral traction beam, Bessel beam and the vector vortex beam, and then studies the method of amplitude filter and phase filter based on the 4f optical system for developing the hollow Gaussian tractor beams. The propagation characteristics of tractor beam has been analyzed. Finally, the development prospect of optical traction technology for cleaning small space debris is discussed.

LIU Xun, ZHENG Yongchao, LI Wei, et al.

Beijing Institute of Space Mechanics & Electricity, CAST

Multi-Component Atmosphere Detection Technology based on Space-based Filament Laser

摘要 Abstract
With the increasing severity of environmental problem, many countries are studying the technology of space-based atmospheric pollutants detection. Especially, the multi-component atmosphere detection has become the research focus, due to the scientific significance and application prospect. According to the above exigent requirements, the multi-component atmosphere detection technology based on space-based filament laser has been developed, which can achieve the remote instantaneous detection.

Juntao Wang, Tangjian Zhou, Zhenhai Wu, Liu Xu, Dan Wang, Yuejian Chen, Qingsong Gao and Chun Tang

Institute of Applied Electronics, Academy of Engineering Physics

高效准连续1064 nm平面波导激光放大器
Efficient quasi continuous wave 1064 nm planar waveguide laser amplifier

摘要 Abstract
An efficient quasi continuous wave 1064 nm Nd:YAG planar waveguide laser amplifier is described. At the pulse repetition frequency of 100 Hz, the seeder with single pulse energy of 10 mJ and pulse duration of 192 μs is coupled into the waveguide.

Li Guohui, Xiang Rujian, Wu jing, Ou Long, Xu Honglai

中国工程物理研究院 应用电子学研究所
Institute of Applied Electronics, Academy of Engineering Physics
Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on High Energy Laser, CAEP

Research on the water-cooled defocus-correction deformable mirror

摘要 Abstract
In order to correct the defocus aberration in the thin-disk laser resonant cavity, a special water-cooled deformable mirror named as defocus-correction deformable mirror was designed and manufactured. The defocus-correction deformable mirror has 5 piezoelectric ceramic actuators, one loacated in the center of the round surface and the other four arranged symmetrically on the outer edge. The simulation of the relationship between mirror thickness and surface map was carried out to gain the best defocus-correction result.

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