Workshop of Photonics

展位号:7A045。 公司简介(英文):Workshop of Photonics is constantly involved in projects connecting scientific inventions with the industrial needs, therefore we are always open for new challenges and opportunities. Workshop of Photonics develop instruments and solutions for ultrashort pulse laser micromachining tasks. From feasibility studies to laser micromachining workstations and state of the art technological solutions. Our services are aimed at industrial and academic customers, for whom we offer individually customized products. Company core competencies: • Feasibility studies on femtosecond laser micromachining • Development of custom femtosecond laser micromachining workstations and optical modules • Laser process development • Small scale production (job shop) in the area of laser micromachining Our competence growth is inspired by culture of open innovations and partnership with the companies of Lithuanian industry and worldwide partners. Workshop of Photonics is constantly working on projects joining scientific inventions with the industrial needs.